7 Libido Boosting Power Tips

7 Libido Boosting Power Tips

If you are concerned about your or your loved ones libido (or both of your libidos for that matter), I am going to break down what it really is, how it works and what you can do to improve it as quickly as possible.  That way you can use the tools that are necessary to bring the fire back to your love life.

Libido for men and women comes down to one thing…testosterone.  While men have ten times as much testosterone as women, it is its presence in our systems that determines sex drive.  

Mother Nature Has Jokes!

mothernatureMen’s testosterone production peaks around 21 and decreases by roughly 1% per year.  So by age 45 about 24% of that testosterone is gone.  Add in smoking, drinking, illness, medications and weight gain from years of Sunday football feast and that testosterone level plummets exponentially.

Women’s estrogen actually lets women endure 10 times more pain than men (and yes, men would go into comas if we had to give birth.)  However, as the childbearing years pass and the need for high levels of estrogen is gone it naturally burns off.  What is left is the testosterone that has always been there.

So as men get older complaints of headaches, not feeling in the mood and plain not being able to get it up become more common.  Enter the “Grumpy Old Man”.

As women get older sexual urges are pushed by more testosterone along with the feeling of sexual freedom.  Enter the “Cougar”.

In other words as we get older women want sex more and men find it harder to provide it…literally.  So hysterically sad!  

Of course, this does not apply to everyone but men and women can improve using the right techniques to naturally raise testosterone and therefore libido.

Your Momma Already Told You How To Raise Your Libido

Ok.  She probably did not say “Do this to raise your libido” specifically but here it is… “Turn that TV off and go to bed.  Go outside and play.  Eat all of your fruits and vegetables.”

That’s basically it.  Everything I am about to tell you is a subset of that.  Because of our lifestyle and environment everyone’s testosterone is going down and estrogen is going up.  The proof can be seen in 13 year girl’s bodies looking like they are going on 25.

Libido lowering chicken Our estrogen soaked environment comes from…

  • Excessive estrogen in chicken used to make more breast meat
  • Pesticides and herbicides on food that mimic estrogen in our bodies
  • The water system (yes the water) that has millions of flushed pharmaceutical pills in it that pushes up estrogen

Throw in…

  • Sitting for hours on end looking at screens
  • Medication
  • Limited exposure to sunlight

I could keep going…all the way to the non-stick coating on your frying pan…but you get the point.  You have to fight for you testosterone!

Libido/Testosterone Boosting Techniques

  1. Exercise Involving Weights – is one of the fastest ways to increase testosterone
  2. Weight Loss – a big belly increases estrogen and lowers libido
  3. Check Your Medication – to see if they lower libido and then try to get off them
  4. Get Sunlight – the vitamin D increases testosterone
  5. Avoid Sugar – over 23 grams of sugar per day brings down testosterone
  6. Cut the Alcohol – alcohol increases risk taking…not libido
  7. Use African Fly Consistently – your body should naturally always be primed for sex and AF makes that happen

Using GoodWood

For  a natural boost to your libido I suggest using GoodWood daily.  Although it can be used an hour before love making and show results, it is better to use it to consistently keep your libido at its peak.

The 8 herbs in the liquid formula helps your body boost production of its own testosterone.  It is like eating a really healthy salad made just for your testosterone.  

The only side effects are cooler hands and feet because blood is being drawn into the genital region and it is difficult to fall asleep if taken late in the evening because you just told your body to get ready for sex.

Are You Ready?

Losing your libido is not a sign of aging but a serious health issue.  With the number of things attacking your testosterone and libido, you need to focus on the recommendations made above.

If you don’t, then you are losing out on many years of beautiful sexual connections for no reason.

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