Many Men Have Unreliable Erections Or ED That Cause
Embarrassment, Confusion & Relationship Issues


Stop Unreliable Erections

You don't want to worry about getting it up, losing erections during sex, or feeling embarrassed again.

Don't Get Stuck On Pills

Why take pills that fix but don't heal the real problem?  You will have to take them for the rest of your life. 

End The Frustration

If you do not take action, your erections will get weaker over time.  This could lead to erectile dysfunction and shrinkage.  

Give Your Erections The Fuel It Needs



GoodWood is an all natural liquid herbal formula designed to help your body naturally increase testosterone and blood flow to your penis for stronger erections.  With GoodWood you will:
  • Enhance erection strength 
  • Ignite your desire 
  • Extend your performance 
  • Eleminate premature ejaculation 
  • Increase your size 
  • Intensify orgasms

The Advanced Formula For Men 50+


GoodWood Advanced

GoodWood Advanced gives you all of the benefits of GoodWood.  However, it is designed for older men who will lose testosterone as it turns to estrogen making it harder to maintain strong erections.

GoodWood Advanced is enhanced with the herb stinging nettle which has been scientifically proven to slow the change of testosterone to estrogen when added into other testosterone enhancing herbs.

This new formula builds on the success of GoodWood and gives older men the enegy, drive and stamina to make love longer.

With GoodWood You Get


Fast Discrete Shipping

Same or next business day shipping in a plain nondescript box to keep your privacy safe.

Access to Trained Coaches

Talk to a men's performance coach to find out how you can get better faster with GoodWood.

2 Month "Try It" Guarantee

Take two months to find out if GoodWood is right for you.  Get your money back fast with no questions asked.

I Know How You Feel

Brian "Uncle B" Ayers

GoodWood Men's Performance Coach

I know the frustration of unreliable erections, causing embarrassment, confusion, and worry about keeping your sex life happy. 

I spent years in my 30s and 40s not taking care of myself and just using supplements that kept me going...but not at 100%.  Now I know what it takes to get and stay at my best easily...

I have been helping men of all ages for 25 years overcome unreliable erections, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low sex drive.

I did this by writing two books, coaching hundreds of men, creating easy to use coaching systems, making over 400 YouTube videos with 185,564+ subscribers and hundreds of positive reviews. 

I want to share that with you so you don't have these issues anymore!
"I appreciate your knowledge & TRUTH,(I'm 52 will be 53 in July married 22 yrs & been together 33 yrs, Thank god.. I trusts in you & what you say ,always …"


Knowledge & TRUTH

"Good afternoon, Uncle B.  I enjoy your videos and all your insight. Thank you for being a place a man can freely speak of ED. God Bless."


Freely speak of ED

"Been following u for some months now. Keep up the great job uncle B.  Thanks for the tips. Started working out again, but slowly. Lost 3kg."

Pete Snow

Started Working Out Again

Ready For A Change?  GoodWood Can Help.

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What Happens If You Don't Handle This?

1) Your confidence in the bedroom and life will go down 

2) Your physical health will continue to suffer leading to more issues down the road 

3) You will continue to miss out on intimate moments that make relationships special 

So, order GoodWood right now. 

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Real Healing & Not A Quick Fix

At GoodWood, we know that you can have complete erection control so you can make love the way you want. 

To do that, you need an increase in testosterone and blood flow.

The problem is most pills and medications are a temporary fix that does not treat the cause of erection issues, which makes you feel like you will be stuck taking pills forever.

We believe nature has given us the herbs that will heal erections and entire sexual health, and this has been proven by there use by millions of people over thousands of years.

Get Expert Advice Right Now

In less than 5 minutes you will know what your Sexual Performance Score is and what that means for your next steps.

We recommend which herbal supplement will work for your situation based on your score.

Get the information, systems and encouragement to supplement the supplement. 


"Keep it coming,  I have been procrastinating for a while. Although I have been a vegetarian and went back then back again.  Now on the vegan trail. Thank for your time and effort for this information."

William Mcclamb

Keep It Coming

"Every single video of yours that I 've watched of yours, I've learned something. Now it makes sense why I have ED. Thank you so much for the information."

Louis Short

I've Learned Something

I've been following you for the last year and I've been listening to everything that you're saying when it comes to man's sexual performance and  I appreciate your information because you're very knowledgeable and you know your stuff

Rapheal Hardwick

You Know Your Stuff