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Healthier Erections... Naturally

Men's Sexual Performance Fuel

Experience the power of nature with GoodWood, the all-natural liquid aphrodisiac that will revolutionize your bedroom performance. You can drop those ineffective pills filled with questionable chemicals – GoodWood is here to enhance your vitality in a safe and natural way.  

GoodWood is specially formulated to boost testosterone levels and increase blood flow, resulting in stronger and longer-lasting erections.  Don't worry about performance issues – GoodWood is here to help you regain your confidence in the bedroom.

With GoodWood you will:
  • Enhance erection strength 
  • Ignite your desire 
  • Extend your performance 
  • Say goodbye to premature ejaculation 
  • Witness size increase 
  • Elevate ejaculation intensity
Made from sun-grown plants that have been trusted by humans for centuries, GoodWood is not just about enhancing your sexual experience – it's about promoting overall wellness and vitality.

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In less than 5 minutes you will know what your Sexual Performance Score is and what that means for your next steps.

We recommend which herbal supplement will work for your situation based on your score.

Get the information, systems and encouragement to supplement the supplement. 

With GoodWood You Get...

  • An All-Natural Liquid Formula...Not Another Pill ​
  • Morning, Spontaneous & Erections On-Demand
  • ​Last Longer & Get Back Up for Faster ​
  • Performance Stamina & Energy ​

The Answers You Have Been Looking For

The reason why you have erection issues is because of the daily, weekly and monthly patterns/habits.  After 25 years of study, we know how to check your patterns and reverse engineer them so you can get back to erections on demand.

The combination of supplements, systems and coaching will set you up to resove the issues faster with a lifestyle you can use to make sure you never have those issues again.

Introducing GoodWood Advanced


GoodWood Advanced Helps Prevent Testosterone Loss In Older Men

Why does testosterone loss accelerate as men get older? While testosterone production drops 1% annually after 25, the loss accelerates around forty.

This happens because free testosterone is turned into estrogen or binds with other hormones leaving you with less. 

 A groundbreaking NIH study shows that when the liquid extract of the herb nettle is combined with other testosterone-producing herbs, it can help slow the loss of testosterone. Leaving you with more energy, vitality, and strength for better performances. 

 That is why we want you to try GoodWood Advanced. We combined nettle with 8 other herbs to create a formula designed specifically for older men.

Are You Ready For The Truth?

It doesn’t matter if you have ED, weak wood or if you’re doing okay in the bedroom and just want a boost…

When it comes to love-making it's like gray hair.  It happens to all of us.  Eventually your bedroom performance will suffer.  Why does this happen? 

 As you may know the cause of weak wood and problems in that area is due to two things: 

 1)  Low T (by age 50 the average man has lost 20% to 30%
 2)  Low blood flow to that area (over time this can lead to shrinkage.) 

Your age, habits, stress levels and a dozen other factors play a role in your staying power. And that's something that changes day by day. 

What many men don’t know is that what you put into your body has the greatest effect on the strength of your wood.   If you are missing the nutrients to fuel your wood, then then it’s a slippery slope to ever truly having strong healthy wood again.

GoodWood is Built Different

The herbs in GoodWood are mixed with a organic cane alcohol, strained through cheesecloth and consistently stirred over a minimum of two weeks to maximize the essence of each herb

The result is a powerful combination with a high bio-absorption rate in the body. GoodWood’s proprietary blend is weighted so each herb works together for the highest effect possible going directly to your blood stream. 

Pills lose their effectiveness before they get into your body. They also have lower quality ingredients with filler and dyes. 

 Your issues can be healed by using ingredients that your body will respond to naturally


"Keep it coming,  I have been procrastinating for a while. Although I have been a vegetarian and went back then back again.  Now on the vegan trail. Thank for your time and effort for this information."

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"Every single video of yours that I 've watched of yours, I've learned something. Now it makes sense why I have ED. Thank you so much for the information."

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I've Learned Something

I've been following you for the last year and I've been listening to everything that you're saying when it comes to man's sexual performance and  I appreciate your information because you're very knowledgeable and you know your stuff

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"I appreciate your knowledge & TRUTH,(I'm 52 will be 53 in July married 22 yrs & been together 33 yrs, Thank god.. I trusts in you & what you say ,always …"


Knowledge & TRUTH

"Good afternoon, Uncle B.  I enjoy your videos and all your insight. Thank you for being a place a man can freely speak of ED. God Bless."


Freely speak of ED

"Been following u for some months now. Keep up the great job uncle B.  Thanks for the tips. Started working out again, but slowly. Lost 3kg."

Pete Snow

Started Working Out Again

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