GoodWood Helps with Erectile Dysfunction

GoodWood Helps with Erectile Dysfunction

GoodWood helps you overcome impotence in two major ways. First and foremost, the GoodWood formula improves blood supply to the penis.

Secondly, the formula increases testosterone availability within the body, and thereby improves sexual response.

Blood Supply

As you now know, most impotence cases are caused by problems with blood supply to the penis. To understand clearly how GoodWood helps you overcome erectile dysfunction, let us review the mechanics of an erection.

  • The penis is divided into 3 chambers, two on the bottom and one on the top.
  • These chambers are made of a spongy tissue that absorbs blood as it rushes into the penis.
  • The blood expands the spongy tissue, enlarging and hardening the penis.

Without sexual stimulation, the body limits blood flow into the penis. This keeps the penis flaccid (not erect). When a man is sexually aroused, the arteries in the penis relax and widen, allowing more blood to flow into the chambers of the penis.

As the penis expands and hardens, veins that normally carry blood away from the penis become compressed.

This restricts how much blood can flow out of the penis. The inflow of blood must be greater than the outflow to achieve and maintain an erection.

Men with erectile dysfunction usually have problems with their blood vessels (arteries, veins). These problems or conditions disrupt the blood flow changes needed for erections.

The GoodWood formula naturally increases blood flow into the penis while decreasing blood flow out of the penis.

How does GoodWood achieve this effect? 

By relaxing the arteries so that they widen and allow greater blood to enter the penis.

At the same time, the formula gently encourages the natural constriction of the veins, reducing blood outflow. The GoodWood formula works naturally within your body to restore optimal erectile function.

Hormonal Balance

Impotence caused by hormonal imbalance is estimated to be between 5 – 15% of all total cases. Though not the major cause of erectile dysfunction, hormonal imbalance is common in men with ED.

The main cause of these hormonal imbalances is the inadequate presence of testosterone. Testosterone is greatly responsible for human libido and arousal. Without an adequate amount, both men and women experience dips in their sexual response.

Testosterone is present in the blood in both free and bound forms. Unfortunately, as we age, testosterone becomes increasingly bound to cells within the body, called globulin.

This binding reduces the amount of free or available testosterone in the bloodstream. And only free testosterone can aid in sexual response.

The GoodWood formula frees bound testosterone and helps to maintain a normal amount of testosterone availability. The formula works to correct this hormone imbalance, thereby restoring sexual response and function.

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