How To Win The War On Testosterone

How To Win The War On Testosterone

Fellas, the war is real! It should come as no surprise that many products in our daily lives have negative effects on our general health. However, you’d be surprised at how many common household products are decreasing testosterone levels at an alarming rate.

A recent study from the Endocrine Society shows that out of 1700 males, testosterone levels dropped 22% percent over the past 15 years. While most of us associate testosterone with sex and muscles, the famous hormone is responsible for a lot more, including bone density, mood, and brain function. The big question is how do you fight the invisible war against testosterone? 

Here are five common products that are decreasing your testosterone levels and how to avoid them.

  1. Water

The U.S water system contains a chemical called Atrazine in the water supply that is known for lowering sperm cells in men. This chemical is used as an agricultural weed killer, but it’s also a strong hormone disruptor that messes with the levels of testosterone in males. Although it’s impossible to avoid ALL water, using a water filter goes a long way. Not every water filter does the trick but Zero Water Filters does a great job at removing impurities from your water. 

  1. Cell Phone Use

The overuse of cell phones can also decrease levels of testosterone. Mobile devices emit small levels of radiation that can be harmful to the body. In order to minimize the effects of radiation, make sure to keep all electronic devices at a safe distance. For example: sleeping with your phone next to you might be a reason why you might feel tired and sluggish the following day. Try keeping all electronics away from where you sleep. 

  1. Microwaves 

Convenient, but deadly! Microwave radiation essentially kills a lot of the nutrients we think we are ingesting. Testosterone can get altered by the daily use of microwave radiation. Next time you need to heat your meal, use a toaster oven instead!

  1. Fast Food

 This is a HUGE testosterone killer. Fast food companies such as McDs, and Burger King contain chemicals such as Phthalates – also known more hormone disruption. Studies show that people who consume fast food contain 35% more Phthalates in their urine. So it’s probably best to keep away from those drive through lanes to avoid possibly becoming sterile. 

  1. Plastic Bottles

In a world full of plastic, it’s hard to avoid using plastic completely. However plastic bottles contain BPA chemicals that are linked to causing cancer, amongst other health problems. A plastic water bottle might seem harmless, but its chemicals can contaminate the water inside. The gradual use of water bottles can lead to health complications down the line. Try using a stainless steel water bottle to replace the need for plastic ones. 

Next time you drink from the tap or contemplate going to McDs, remember the fight for your testosterone and your overall health. Follow these five tips and you will notice a big difference in your everyday mood. 

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