Sexual Performance Scale

Sexual Performance Scale

Does African Fly Work?

The number 1 question we get is “Does African Fly work?”  What that really means is will African Fly work for me?  The answer is yes…but

How quickly?  How long will the effects last?   Are you looking to increase stamina, libido, erection strength, size?  We have thousands of clients all over the world from age 25 to 85 with huge differences in lifestyle.  It has been difficult to answer everyone…until now.

the Sexual Performance Scale will let you know just how African Fly will work for youSexual Performance Scale

Here is a question…

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest where is your level of sexual performance?  Now before you answer 15 this only works if you are honest with yourself.  So here it is…

A 10 for men means you have stamina, erections on demand, spontaneous & morning erections plus you are at your largest size.  A 10 for women means no lubrication issues, fantasizing about sex, high libido and stamina.  Think 21 year old athlete.

A 5 for men means no erections without a lot of stimulation, erections don’t last, weak ejaculations and worst of all…your dick is shrinking (penis atrophy).  A 5 for women  means no lubrication without a lot of stimulation, no desire for sex at all.  Think over 40 and over stressed.

A 1 for men means you are impotent…no erections at all & penis at its smallest.  A1 for women means being as interested in sex as watching paint dry in a room with no lights.  You are just not healthy enough to have sex.  Is this making sense?  So honestly…what is your level?

African Fly & The Sexual Performance Scale

You always want to be at 8 or above.  Anything below that and you start slipping into weak performance territory.  Most African Fly clients start between 6 & 8.  When you are 7 or below your confidence is shot.  You never know what will happen when it is time for sex.

A person who is a 9 or 10 will feel the effects of African Fly within 30 to 60 minutes.  At an 8 it may take a few servings before feeling the effects.  At a 7 it will take a few servings and avoiding the foods and activities that can lower your performance.

At a 6 it is a must you keep taking African Fly regularly & make some lifestyle changes.  At a 5 taking African Fly will not work well and you MUST make several lifestyle changes or don’t plan on having sex ever again.  Cause you ain’t getting younger.

African Fly by itself can take you 1 to 3 points up the scale depending on lifestyle.

So did this help?  Can you see what your sexual performance number is?  Will African Fly work for you? We invite you to try it today.  And make sure you sign up for FlyZones emails.

We will have a Sexual Performance MasterClass Webinar coming soon where we will break down everything we have learned over the past 18 years.  The natural effects of African Fly combined with the techniques used to increase your SP# will give you the results you are looking for quickly.

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