The Rest & Control Technique For All Night Long Sex

The Rest & Control Technique For All Night Long Sex

Yes, The Rest & Control Technique so you can last as long as you like and you can do it. What ends up happening? You seen the commercials. Guys are sitting there like, OK, I have to think of something else while having sex in order to last.

Not a great way to have sex.  The whole purpose of sex, on a metaphysical level, means that you have the ability to become present with someone else at the same time.  Two people who are enjoying the exact same thing, and if you’re not thinking about anything else, it is that much more pleasurable.

Being In The Present For The Best Sex

Kids are in the present, they don’t have bills or worried about the car or worried about anything else. They’re just kids. They’re just running around. They are fully in the present. As we get a whole bunch more issues going on, more responsibilities, it becomes harder to be in the present. So when you’re having sex, that’s a great thing to do.

So instead of worrying about how long you can last by counting sheep or baseball stats or something crazy like that, you can use this technique.  And what is the resting control technique? It’s pretty much like it sounds. You need to stop, take a break when you’re having sex.

You know some people, they enjoy having long rounds of sex. That is a wonderful thing, but as a guy, you’re doing a lot of movement and you have, you know, a lot of blood is going to to an appendage and this is the physical activity and at points you can get tired.

The point is you don’t have to ejaculate every time you have sex. I know this is a hard concept for some people, but that’s not the way sex is supposed to work.  We will get deeper into that in another episode, but you know you’re there to enjoy the sex and you can do that by taking a break so you know, you just get to a point where it makes sense to just, OK, I’m good.

Now. You’re focused on enjoying the sex. Instead of focusing on avoiding ejaculation or getting to a point of ejaculation with the Rest & Control Technique, you can enjoy more of the sex and there are benefits to it. You save energy to keep going at it. The next time you have time to relax, which allows you to enjoy sex more and taking breaks helps you to you gain control of when you want to orgasm.

Let Her Know About Your Resting Ejaculations

All great benefits and here’s another important aspect of it. Let her know.  You do have to let your partner know that you’re doing this because from experience, if you don’t tell her, she’s just wanting to think that, OK, he’s not into me or whatever her thought pattern maybe.

If she’s expecting you to have an ejaculation and you don’t, then she’s thinking something’s wrong, so let her know like, no, no, no. I’m just here. I’m just doing this to enjoy. You may have explained it a few times.

I had to do that myself because they’re just expecting that to happen. That’s what you see in all the porn movies. It basically ends when a guy has his orgasm. Well, you don’t have to do that. You can go ahead and just rest.

How To Take  A Break

How long have you take a break? It is up to you. Two minutes, five minutes, take a shower, freshen up, come back. The point is if you’re going around thinking that every time you have sex, we have to ejaculate. You’re focusing on the wrong thing. You’re not focusing on being in the present. You’re not focusing on enjoying it, so you’re missing out.

I hope that helps right there.

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