The Truth About Penis Enlargement

The Truth About Penis Enlargement


Hey fellas. Today it is time to dominate because we’re talking about penis enlargement and why you actually need it. We’re also going to talk about those penis enlargement myths and some things of course that you can do to get your size up.

This question comes up all the time, how can I get larger? For those guys who are sitting there thinking, “Well, I don’t need to get larger”, you need to stay tuned anyway so you can get some more information on how to keep that size.

Of course, we’re going to use that GoodWood sexual performance scale to sort of break it down and make it easy for you to understand what you need to do. We’re going to hit up on the growth point principle and the fourth stage of  enlargement technique.

All right fellas, let’s talk about why you need – I mean NEED – penis enlargement techniques, and how to understand what’s going on because like every part of your body. This is a use it or lose it situation.

It is called penis atrophy. We’re talking about Johnsons shrinkage. So just go ahead and imagine a healthy college athlete in his prime. Now imagine that same human being age 80 in the old folks home. What is his nurse looking at when she’s changing the pottery down there? Yeah… your penis health is an indicator of your own entire health. So if your penis is shrinking, then your health is shrinking.

Let’s talk about some things that we’ve been taught to believe that’s not really true. First of all, that whole thing about taking a pill and that’s going to make the difference. No, you know better than that.

The other thing is that if someone’s sitting there saying that, yeah, you a good six inches, you’re going to get to 10 inches. That’s a lie. That is a lie. You can only grow to what you are genetically designed to grow to. There’s some other pieces of that, I’m going to break that down in a second.

The thing to understand is that you’re typically, most men are typically 20 to 30% smaller than what they could be because of our lifestyle. Just sitting down, not being in the sun, not getting the exercise that we need.

Also understand there is no “well, how long does it take to get you your maximum size?”. This is going to change just like your health. It depends on what you are doing. This is not permanent. There’s no part of your body that’s permanent.

So let’s talk about how the sexual performance scale works in this category. So when we’re talking about what you need to grow the sexual performance, a scale of one to 10. 10 means everything works, one means you need to go to the hospital. Five to seven means you’re unreliable.

The penis enlargement condition for this to work, you need to be at eight, nine or 10. That means you’re already having erections on demand, morning erections and spontaneous erections. When you’re at that level, then you are set to grow – I mean go.

We’re talking about practicing penis enhancement. There’s the other things that you need to do to take care of your body. Of course, we’re talking about in terms of exercise, high intensity interval training, because that’s going to help with your testosterone. Also, we’re talking about lifting heavy because that’s going to help with your testosterone.

There are other things that just need to be there, you need to have some good sleep. You get that sunshine so you can get that vitamin D into your system and you need to have water because that’s what’s going through there. Blood flow, water flow. Yeah, same thing. Of course you want to reduce your stress because that’s cortisol.

Cortisol is going to lower your testosterone, which means you’re not going to be as large as you could be. Because when we’re talking about your penis and growing, we’re talking about blood flow and testosterone. That’s what everything I was just talking about. All that’s blood flow and testosterone.

There’s a couple of other things you need to know. First of all, women don’t necessarily care. There are some women who do care, but for the vast majority of women, they’re more concerned with other things that have to do with how you deal with them, how you’re handling their emotions, things like that.


Now for the women who are saying that they need some exercise in them, that’s because they’re bigger. Please understand that women come in various sizes too and have her join you in this whole process of you getting to your bigger size. She can help you with your exercise and eating right and all that stuff. Have fun together on this penis enlargement journey.


Of course the benefits of doing all this stuff, one, you’re just going to feel better. Two, you’re going to hang bigger. You’ll be able to deliver a little bit more sensation. You’re also going to have increased stamina and little benefit, but a big benefit, you can get back up faster and get back to work.

So let’s talk about some techniques you can use. We’re first going to go into the fourth stage of an erection technique. Basically, you’re just going through an edging. That’s masturbating without getting to the fourth stage. So there’s four stages of an erection. The third stage is where you typically are while you’re having sex.

The fourth stage is where ejaculation is imminent. You want to sit there and sit on that last stage because at the last stage and the fourth stage, that’s the largest you’ll get. That’s the reason why when you’re about to have an orgasm, she’s making more noises and all this other kind of stuff. That’s because you’re at your largest size.

In order to get to that size and get in sport to stay there, you need to be at the fourth stage for a longer period of time. During masturbation, you’re able to control it and you’re able to get to a certain point where it’s like hey, I’m not going to cum, but at my largest size, that starts the expansion.

Now do not do this with porn. Use your own imagination. If you’re doing it with porn, there’s a whole bunch of other issues that pop up. Just go ahead and use your own imagination. All of this is leading to the growth point principle. So the growth point principle is just that. The longer you’re staying at that fourth stage of an erection, the more your body is going to adapt and adjust allowing you to get bigger, allowing you to get to take up that 20 to 30% smaller than you are to get to your maximum size.

So when you’re going through this process, especially getting to the fourth stage, once you’re in the growth point principle stage, you actually are trying to get to your largest size for a good 10 to 20 seconds. Don’t ejaculate. 10 to 20 seconds and just repeat.

Now, a couple of things you need to pay attention to is one, breathe. That’s the way you’re able to stay at that stage for a longer time. You’re just simply going through and you’re practicing your timing. Of course, if you use all of this with African Fly, it’s going to increase your stamina because you have more blood flow and more testosterone, you’ll be able to last longer and that fourth stage growth point principle at work.

So guys, basically what this all comes down to is you need to practice this. This needs to be a part of your life, because if you get to a point where you are shrinking, it’s hard to get back especially as you get older. It’s all about understanding that growth point principle, that fourth stage of an erection. And what’s the other bonus that comes along with doing all this? You’re going to need larger condoms. Yeah.

So fellas, if you like what you heard, go and hit that like button, that subscribe button, that notification bell. I got a question for you. Do you think you can get larger? And have you ever tried those penis enlargement pills? How did that work? 

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