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Many Men With Unreliable Erections Or ED & Want It Fixed Now
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Avoid Costly Mistakes

You have erections issues because of a pattern of mistakes you are unknowingly making daily.

Why Try This Alone?

Do this by yourself and it takes much longer. When you have a coach to hold you accountable your success goes up by 76%.

Don't Wait To Fix This

The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to recover as you get older & some changes become irreversable.

With GoodWood Coaching You Get


A Personalized Blueprint

Your situation is different so you need a plan tailored for your needs & lifestyle.

Coaching & Accountabilty

We won't let you fall off the bandwagon.  We keep you motivated so you do not slip backwards.

Exclusive Proven Systems

Our Sexual Performance Scale, Daily Tracking System & Exponential Energy Programs guarantee your success.

I Know How You Feel

Brian "Uncle B" Ayers

GoodWood Men's Performance Coach

It is genuinely confusing to think you have figured out how to deal with your erection issues only to find out that it did not work or the fix was temporary. 

I have gone through this process. 

It took me years to research, talk with professionals, and experiment with dozens of techniques to find what worked.

I did all the leg work so you don't have to.  You will get my 25 years of knowledge boiled down to easy to use systems with videos that walk your through everything you need to know.

You don’t have time to waste. Let me help you get through this fast.

"I would like to say that I enjoyed your livestream last night. I enjoy watching your videos and I always learn a lot from them, and it makes sense. Because of your enthusiasm and motivation, I have changed my diet to a more plant-based diet."

David Hutchinson

38 year Old Father of 3

Thanks, Uncle B, you help me out a lot being a vegan for 3 months now and it helps my love life big time... Man thanks for breaking it down ‘til it can’t be broken anymore."

Terrance Green

28 year old Police Officer

"When Uncle B talks, you better listen. I can't tell you enough how much this man's advice has helped me. He is FOR REAL guys! I'm SO glad I never got to try some of these fixes... I am slowly getting my mojo back."

Raphael Hardwick

32 year old IT Manager

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In four minutes you will know where you are on the Sexual Performance Scale.  We will know what to improve quickly.

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Get a deep dive into your goals to start planning how to make quick wins and build from there.

What Happens If You Don't Get Coaching?

1) You will keep guessing at what will work while getting frustrated with hit or miss results. 

2) You will feel time splipping past as you miss out on intimate moments.

3) You may be wondering if some other guy will be taking your place in your special person's life.


Personalized Planning For Accelerated Results

With coaching, we know that you can have complete erection control so you can make love the way you want. 

To do that, you need to know what techniques will work for your specific situation.

 The problem is that most men do not know how many things they have been doing wrong daily for years that have led to this situation. 

The correct information backed with consistent accountability will quickly skyrocket your success. 

 We understand that our coaching has to be flexible to accommodate the changes that happen in your life.

Get Expert Advice Right Now

In less than 5 minutes you will know what your Sexual Performance Score is and what that means for your next steps.

We recommend which herbal supplement will work for your situation based on your score.

Get the information, systems and encouragement to supplement the supplement. 


"Keep it coming,  I have been procrastinating for a while. Although I have been a vegetarian and went back then back again.  Now on the vegan trail. Thank for your time and effort for this information."

William Mcclamb

Keep It Coming

"Every single video of yours that I 've watched of yours, I've learned something. Now it makes sense why I have ED. Thank you so much for the information."

Louis Short

I've Learned Something

I've been following you for the last year and I've been listening to everything that you're saying when it comes to man's sexual performance and  I appreciate your information because you're very knowledgeable and you know your stuff

Rapheal Hardwick

You Know Your Stuff