Make   Love  Longer

Why You Need GoodWood

GoodWood is an all natural liquid aphrodisiac that boost your testosterone and blood flow to maximize your energy and sexual performance.

GoodWood will help you...
  • Improve erection strength
  • Boost desire
  • Last longer during sex
  • Stop premature ejaculation
  • Increase size
  • Boost ejaculation
Don't be fooled by online and gas station pills that have cheap and possibly dangerous chemicals.

GoodWood is made from plants that grew up in the sun and have been used by humans for thousands of years.  It is healthy for you and will increase your stamina for a healthier body and a return to morning wood.

GoodWood Advanced Helps Prevent Testosterone Loss

Why does testosterone loss accelerate as men get older?  While testosterone production drops 1% annually after 25, the loss accelerates around forty.

This happens because free testosterone is turned into estrogen or binds with other hormones leaving you with less.

A groundbreaking NIH study shows that when the liquid extract of the herb nettle is combined with other testosterone-producing herbs, it can help slow the loss of testosterone.

Leaving you with more energy, vitality, and strength for better performances.  That is why we want you to try GoodWood Advanced.  We combined nettle with 8 other herbs to create a formula designed specifically for older men.


How To Use

How To Take

• GoodWood is an easy-to-use liquid formula. To take it, fill the dropper top (included), place the liquid into a cup of water or juice, and drink.

• Take GoodWood daily or on a “need-only” basis

• For faster absorption (30-40 minutes), take and hold it under your tongue, hold it there for 5-10 seconds, and then swallow.

What Can I Expect?

On average, most people experience some noticeable changes after the first day or within two days of use.

During the first week you will notice greater improvements in:
• stronger sex drive
• frequent erections
• an increase in size and hardness
• sexual stamina for stronger orgasms
"I would like to say that I enjoyed your livestream last night. I enjoy watching your videos and I always learn a lot from them, and it makes sense. Because of your enthusiasm and motivation, I have changed my diet to a more plant-based diet."

David Hutchinson

"I really enjoy watching your videos & it makes sense"

"Thanks, Uncle B, you help me out a lot being a vegan for 3 months now and it helps my love life big time... Man thanks for breaking it down ‘til it can’t be broken anymore."

Terrance Green

"Man thanks for breaking it down ‘til it can’t be broken anymore."

"When Uncle B talks, you better listen. I can't tell you enough how much this man's advice has helped me. He is FOR REAL guys! I'm SO glad I never got to try some of these fixes... I am slowly getting my mojo back."

Raphael Hardwick

"When Uncle B talks, you better listen...He is FOR REAL guys!"


Plant Based Medicines for Plant Based Humans

Ayers Naturals creates plant-based medicines that gives your body the nutrition it needs to heal itself.  Your body is pre-designed to absorb the nutrients from the plants that we select for our formulas.

These formulas are gentle enough to be used daily and effective enough to heal you so you do not have to take them for the rest of your life.

All of our formulas come with coaching videos and easy to understand guides to help you make the life style changes that will help you heal faster naturally.

We believe in the power of your body to heal naturally.  Sometimes it just needs the right boost from the nutrients in plants.  By using the ancient art of crafting tinctures, which are like liquid tea concentrates, we are able to help your body create the right chemicals with the right target every time.